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Class OptimisationResult

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Base class for returning results of an optimisation.

An optimisation result consists of the optimised version of the transsys program, its objective function value, and, optionally, an optimisation log.

The optimisation log is a list of optimisation records with a structure that depends on the optimiser. Optimisation records can be printed on a line, and they provide a table header. This allows the optimisation log to be dumped in a format ready for R's read.table function.

Nested Classes [hide private]
class of the records in the log list
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__init__(self, tp, objectiveOptimum, optimisation_log=None)
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write_log(self, f, column_prefix='', write_header=True, header_prefix='') source code

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Instance Variables [hide private]
The result of evaluating the optimised transsys program using the objective function.
A trace of the optimisation process, provided as a list of tuples.
The transsys program resulting from the optimisation process.
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__init__(self, tp, objectiveOptimum, optimisation_log=None)

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