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Welcome to the transsys tutorials page.

  • transsys Installation (in progress): This tutorial walks you through the steps of installing transsys on a Linux system.
  • transsys Language Basics Tutorial: This tutorial gets you started with modelling your gene regulatory networks by coding them up in the transsys language.
  • SimGenex: An introduction to the SimGenex language that you can use to describe your gene expression experiments, and to simulate them on your computer. This allows you to assess your transsys models by comparing simulated gene expression profiles to empirically measured ones.
  • L-transsys Tutorial (not yet available): This tutorial will show you how to to model plant morphogenesis using Lindenmayer systems parameterised with transsys programs.
  • Python API Tutorial (not yet available): This tutorial will get you started with combining transsys network models and computational phenotype models written in Python. Read this if you plan to build multiscale models that integrate gene expression dynamics with phenotypic processes and features.