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This page contains materials in development, which obviously may be incomplete

Complete Tutorial

  • Installation
    • check autoools setup
    • specify prerequisites
  • transsys language tutorial
    • based on existing [Tutorial]
    • should connect to L-transsys tutorial by introducing transsys program(s) used in these (e.g. cycler)
  • simgenex tutorial (based on existing)
  • L-transsys tutorial
    • basic intro to L systems -- mostly relying on links to existing materials elsewhere
    • simple example (cycler based branching)
    • more realistic example (based on arabidopsis model?)
  • Python API tutorial
    • buildig your own model

Improved Web Interface

  • check / fix trsysmodis CGI

To Do

  • publications page
  • contact link in navigation sidebar -- done, now set up info@transsys.net email
  • package transsys into Debian package(s)
  • Galaxy integration?