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The transsys software can be downloaded from It contains the directories

  • src/, containing the C code of the core transsys library as well as various command line transsys applications
  • python/, containing the python API
  • toolbox/, containing older Python and R tools for working with transsys.

Building transsys requires a Linux system with the following prerequisites:

  • a C compiler, typically gcc, and the standard C and math libraries
  • Python, including the development package required to compile C extensions
  • epydoc, for typesetting the API docs of the Python module
  • R, again including the development package for compiling extensions written in C
  • the xpipe R package which provides a simple interface for running an external process which receives and feeds back data through pipes, available from the transsys software repository,
  • for viewing L-transsys models with the ltransgl [[transsys applications|application], development installations of a glut implementation such as freeglut, and all libraries it depends on (typically including GLU, GLX, OpenGL and also relevant X11 libraries such as Xmu, Xm, Xt and the base X11 library.

Once these prerequisites are met, transsys should build with the typical combo of

 make install

If anything goes wrong, please email